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When an earthquake occurs
We will give you information on how to stay safe.

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Watch out for earthquakes

In Japan, a disaster called an "earthquake" can occur.
Will there be an earthquake in your country?People from countries without earthquakes may be surprised when an earthquake strikes.
An earthquake is a sudden sway of the ground.Some are big and some are small.
When a big earthquake strikes, we must first be careful not to get injured or die.
This is the most important thing.

In the event of a major earthquake, your home may be destroyed or you may not be able to use water or gas.
At that time, you need to know what to do on a regular basis.
No one knows when an earthquake will occur.
This page describes two things:
・ What kind of preparations should I usually make in case of an earthquake?
・ How should you act in the event of an earthquake?
It is convenient to know from usual.

In the event of a major earthquake, the building may be destroyed and unable to live.You will not be able to live your usual life.

Information to understand the earthquake

Multilingual disaster prevention video Part2: If an earthquake occurs (Japanese)

This is a video created by the Sendai International Association.

It's an earthquake that you can see in the picture!what will you do?

This is an article created by NHK NEWS WEB EASY.You can read it in easy Japanese.

How much does the seismic intensity of the earthquake shake?

National instant warning system (J-alert)

Earthquake early warning
Earthquake information announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency will be notified to TVs and smartphones of people in the target area.
You will receive a notification before a big tremor comes.

(When checking the sound, be careful not to startle the people around you.)

Earthquake early warning
A chime sounds.
<Voice message content>
Earthquake early warning.A big earthquake.A big earthquake.

*There are no sound samples.

Major tsunami warning (when an earthquake as big as the Great East Japan Earthquake occurs)
The siren sounds for 3 seconds, then pauses for 2 seconds.Repeat this 3 times.
<Voice message content>
Big tsunami warning.Big tsunami warning.The tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake class is coming.
Evacuate to high ground immediately.

Tsunami warning
After the siren sounds for 6 seconds, it will stop for 2 seconds.Repeat this twice.
<Voice message content>
A tsunami warning has been issued.If you live near the coast, please evacuate to higher ground.

When checking the sound, be careful not to startle people around you.

Let's not be in trouble when an earthquake occurs

Prevents chests of drawers, cupboards, TVs, refrigerators, etc. from falling over.

In the event of an earthquake, furniture such as chests of drawers may fall over, resulting in injury or death.

It is safe to have a seismic breaker.

This is a video made by Yokohama City.There are explanations about furniture fall prevention and seismic breakers.

Collect food, drinks, and daily necessities (stockpile)

Always have 3 days' worth of stockpile for your family.

After a big earthquake, you may not be able to buy food, drinks, or anything you use in your daily life.Make sure you have the food and drink your family needs and what you use in your daily life.
Such foods and drinks are called "stockpiles".
Food and drinks to be stockpiled should be long-lasting.
The amount of stockpile is at least 3 days.
Place your stockpile in a place where you can easily get it out.

Equipment and items to bring out in the event of a disaster

<First Aid/Safety>

1 First aid kit 2 Regular medicine 3 Thermometer 4 Helmet
5 Mask 6 Platform shoes 7 Work gloves

Emergency / safety


8 Passbook 9 Cash 10 Credit card 
11 Driver's license 12 Seal


13 clothing 14 towels


<Daily necessities>

15 mobile radio 16 flashlight 17 tissue paper
18 Paper diapers 19 Plastic bags 20 Portable toilets
21 Sanitary supplies

<Water and food for 3 days or more>

22 Drinking water of 1 liters or more per person
23 Emergency food
24 Paper plates, paper cups, disposable spoons, etc.
25 Infant formula (please prepare if you are raising a baby)

Be careful and prepare for an earthquake

This is a video created by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.You will find out what you should be careful about and prepare when an earthquake occurs.

Multilingual disaster prevention video part1: Prepare for an earthquake (Japanese)

This is a video created by the Sendai International Association.You will know what to do in the event of an earthquake.

It is safe to do rolling stock

Repeating "eating emergency food in daily life and buying it when it runs out" is called the "rolling stock method".You can always have a new emergency ration at home.

Rolling stock

Always keep emergency food at home.

Eat emergency food in your daily life.

Please buy only the amount you used for emergency food.

Rolling stock method

This is a video about the rolling stock method made by the Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Center.


If your home is destroyed and you can't live after a big earthquake, go to a "shelter".
Anyone can use the shelter.
Foreigners should feel at ease when they go to the evacuation center.

Disaster prevention video "Manners and rules for using shelters"

This is a video created by Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.You can see things to be careful of at the evacuation's Japanese.

News about the earthquake

Introducing a website where you can read disaster news in multiple languages.

Information on disasters and coronas in foreign languages

Information sent by NHK WORLD-JAPAN. Information is sent in 16 languages.

Multilingual Information on Disaster Mitigation

The Japan Meteorological Agency website provides information on weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruptions in 15 languages.

Reference information about earthquakes

Convenient apps and websites in the event of a disaster

Information created by the Cabinet Office.You can see it in easy Japanese.

Disaster prevention portal

This is a portal site created by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Yokohama City Evacuation Navi

It is an application that provides integrated support from "now" in normal times to "in case of disaster" so that you can take appropriate actions in the event of a disaster.
Language: Japanese

Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information Portal

This is a portal site for disaster prevention information sent by Yokohama City.You can check what kind of emergency information has been announced. It can be viewed in 9 languages.
Supported languages: Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, English, Hangul, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Nishi Ward disaster prevention map

It is a disaster prevention map created by Nishi-ku, Yokohama.
Supported languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Hangul, Nepali, Vietnamese

Disaster prevention in Japan (Seya Ward version)

It was created by Seya Ward, Yokohama City for the purpose of providing foreigners with knowledge about disaster prevention.
Languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, English

Disaster prevention in Japan (Naka Ward version)

It was created by Naka-ku, Yokohama City for the purpose of providing foreigners with knowledge about disaster prevention.
Languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Hangul, English

Useful tools for earthquakes

Safety tips (app)

Safety tips is a free app that notifies you of earthquake early warnings, tsunami warnings, eruption warnings, special warnings, heat stroke information, national protection information, evacuation advisories, etc. in Japan.
For foreign residents, there are various functions that are useful in the event of a disaster.
14 languages ​​(Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional / simplified), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, Khmer, Burmese, Mongolian ( Available in 15 languages).

Foreign language pointing conversation book for disasters / Gifu City

Smooth communication is especially necessary when Japanese people inform foreigners of the danger of disasters and the need for evacuation, and when foreigners ask Japanese citizens about the disaster situation.
If you can't speak in a foreign language, try to communicate by pointing at it.

Disaster prevention information National shelter guide

Disaster prevention information "National Evacuation Center Guide" is a disaster prevention information app for smartphones that automatically searches for evacuation shelters and evacuation sites around your current location, displays various hazard maps, and provides push notifications of disaster prevention information for your current location.
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hangul

A tool for receiving earthquake information

Kohoku Ward disaster information app

Pocket disaster prevention card/NHK

"Pocket disaster prevention card" is a useful card in case of emergency.There are Japanese and English versions.It is safe to write it down with your child and carry it with you.It's pocket-sized and easy to carry, so keep it handy!

Experiences of foreigners

"JISHIN" experienced by foreigners one year after the series earthquake
I asked the impressions of the family who experienced the earthquake in Japan! EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN

Assuming an earthquake directly under the capital What should we do to evacuate foreigners?